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The Caylum Willemse Foundation

Official Notice - We would like to share our sincerest condolences and love to the Willemse and Van Coppenhaggen Familes for the tragic Loss of their Mother, Grand Mother, Wife Kathleen (Kathy) Van Coppenhaggen. For any querries please contact Adriaan Gerber on +2782 553 3933


The Caylum Willemse Foundation 

The CWF was established in July 2016 to raise awareness and funds for Caylum Willemse and the birthdefect that he is fighting against known as TOF/OA. We have been very blessed to enjoy the support of thousands of people world wide and managed to raise the funds we believe necesary to #getcaylumtoboston. We are busy with the process of moving Caylum to the Boston Childrens Hospital with the support of our Partners Dr Staples and Medical Services Organistaion part of the EOH Group. Once Caylum has been assessed in person in Boston by Dr Jennings we will know the next step of the road for young Caylum. 

After what we pray to be a succesfull surgery we will bring the Willemse Family back to South Africa and help them to re establish their lives as much has changed since they have been home as a family before Caylums Birth. We as the Foundation will also use this platform which was created by and for Caylum to help other TOF/OA Babies and familes to also have a normal life, as every child deserves a chance at a normal life. These cases will be assessed and managed on a case to case basis and we trust we can help more children get the life they deserve. 


Caylums Story So Far.....

Caylum was born on 12 January 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa.IMG 4160

He was diagnosed with tracheooesophageal fistula (TOF) and oesophageal atresia (OA) by Netcare’s Dr Charles Caraphinha.

This means he has problems with his oesophagus (the feeding tube) and the trachea (the windpipe).

He was later diagnosed with Tracheobronchomalacia, a rare condition where the tracheal (windpipe) cartilage is soft. (This means he is not a candidate for a tracheotomy)

He had his first surgery at only 2 days old. He has gone for an aortapexy for the tracheamalacia and but still has recurring episodes where he stops breathing.

Caylum has a 70% collapse in his left main bronchus leading to the lung and has been resuscitated more than ten times in his short life, the most recent episode as recently as 21st July. It is a miracle he has not suffered any brain damage, a risk he faces EVERY DAY.

Caylum has spent the most of his short life in hospital, and has been in ICU since 9th May. His current preventative treatment is not sustainable. To Save his life and give him a chance at a normal life. The operation he needs has been pioneered at the Boston Childrens Hospital by Dr Rusty Jennings and thus this is our best option to give the gift of live to Caylum.

However you can help to give the gift of live and save this little angel. #getcaylumtoboston

Please also support our Friends at Birth-Defect who has been supporting us all along

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Darren Simpson and Breakfast Xpress, We would never have reached the amount of people and raised the money needed without your help. Thank You for being the Angels of people in need. You guys Rock. 


Also you can SMS CAYLUM to 40555 to Donate R20 per SMS - To Donate R100 you can SMS 5 Times to help #getcaylumtoboston 

For any questions around the Caylum Foundation please do not hesitate to get in contact with us